Payroll & Umbrella

The L&S Accounting Firm are a reputable company with years of experience in Payroll and Umbrella. Clients from across the country contact us to register to gain that efficiency, financial stability and a stressless working arrangements.

Our team ensures that you are benefiting from the highest income at all times and that your contributions and deductions are correct - because no one wants to be over paying right?

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Payroll & Umbrella

Payroll & Umbrella

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Umbrella Services

The Umbrella Scheme is in fact a payroll strategy for those people who are willing to work the same amount – and get paid more by taking more control over their taxes. We work as the intermediary between you and your agency.

Recently we have been expanding our clientele of recruitment agencies at which we are providing our Umbrella Services. The Umbrella have received a massive recognition especially around the healthcare industry.

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