Here at L&S, we are a team of experienced mortgage
consultants, dedicated entirely to helping clients find the very best mortgage deal.

Especially for young buyers, we provide support from the
start to the finish - from looking for the best mortgage deal to picking up your keys and signing the contract.



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Check out the mind map of the services we offer within our mortgage sector and choose the best option for yourself or your business.

As we know buying a house can be time consuming, complex and a bumpy experience - with us you can save time and unnecessary costs throughout your journey.

Step by Step

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We assess your financial position in order to find out your budget and available finances

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Setting Up

Setting up budgets and saving targets if you require a bit
more time and finances before starting your mortgage journey

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Both of these will allow us to determine what mortgage payments we can afford

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We will assess and analyse your wants and needs in your new home

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We will work tirelessly to match you (the mortgage seekers) with the best mortgage lenders and help you complete the most important mortgage application.

Frequently Asked Questions