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Our accountants can help with anything from reporting your assets, liabilities and equity to creating financial statements of cashflow and comprehensive income.

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As experts at combining expertise, we create data analytics and security for our clients in order to improve business growth.

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We provide financial strategies, management tools, knowlegde, advise and continous support to help you and your business transform and reach your goals.

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Audit & Assurance

The audits ascertain the validity and reliability of information. You will receive meaningful reports providing professional assurance.

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Refer a Friend Scheme

Refer a Friend (or Friends!) and receive up to £200 per person you refer to our Umbrella Services.

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Mission Statement

Our company is your first step towards a better, sustainable future.

With our support, you can become a recognisable organisation reaching your maximum potential.

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Our Background

As a local leading provider of audit, assurance, consulting, accounting, tax, and related services; we offer pragmatic advise and solutions tailored especially to your or your business’ individual circumstances.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity.”

— Amelia Earhart
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Financial Planning

We can help you budget and manage your finances effectively. Providing you with financial statements and analysis to make it easier for you to visualise opportunities of savings.

Find the best deal

The L&S Team will support you finding the best mortgage deal out there. We will work tirelessly to perfectly match you with the most suitable lenders.

Don't take our word for it

Excellent customer service

''Excellent customer service and business values.''

— James Nahar

Very pleased!

''I found this service very helpful. I was given lots of extra and useful information. Staff were extremely patient and communicated effectively with me. Very pleased!''

— Ezinwanne Onwubiko

Incredible Service!

''Incredible service with very helpful staff!"

— Georgia Baker
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Company Values

Our company values reflect our commitment and involvement in the long-term relationship building between us and the clients.

We work tirelessly to ensure you feel valued and the experience you receive is exceptional.

Not just our regular clientele but we treat all of our potential business opportunities treasurely.

About Us