Business Awards 2019 Logo of us being the Finalists
Another logo of being the Finalists of the Town and County Business Champions
SME News Finance Awards Logo with our name on.
A member of the Bedfordshire Chamber of Commerce Logo
A logo diplaying that we are a bronze partner of the system XERO.
The newest logo displaying that we are the best Accounting Firm in Bedfordshire on a gold background and a picture of the London's buildings in the middle.

Our Success Story

The history of L&S goes back to 2012, at which without our experienced accountants we would not be able to get to where we are at this moment in time - with 14 Awards and over 125 Projects completed.

We are very proud of challenging ourselves to go the extra mile and make L&S recognisable not only locally but also on a national and international basis. In the last 10 years, we’ve been executing the projects and advising leaders on strategy and receiving over 99% satisfaction rates.

With over 1000 clients in total, we can guarantee business success, stress and hassle-free experience.