A group of workers smiling. The first being a woman in a grey cardigan, white top and long hair.

Who are we?

L&S Accounting Firm is located at the heart of the economic activities in Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom.

We are a local leading provider of audit, assurance, consulting, accounting, tax, and related services. We offer pragmatic advise and solutions tailored especially to your or your business’ individual circumstances.

We focus on proving financial services and strategies for business success. When equipping businesses with different strategies and tools that promote success, growth and better management making decisions, we deliver services that are more than just accounting.

As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat custom and referrals.

A meeting at the table with all participants having their laptops open. One person making notes with a black pen on a paper and a tablet.

Our Office

Our office consist of an accounting, payroll and marketing team. Our expertise in a wide range allows us to work independently as well as within the team effectively. 

At L&S Accounting Firm we are driven by a passion for excellence, which is powered by ideas that help our clients succeed. We operate on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance and our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

With our continously growing clientele, our success stories do not stop coming (figure below). We constantly look for more opportunties and new projects we can take in our hands.

Being driven by passion and excellence, we operate on the beliefs that our customers’ needs are of the utmost importance which as a result, allows us to build the trust with our clients and provide the best service in the industry.

The L&S team pays a huge attention to the methods and ways used when working with different businesses and individuals. We want everyone, the clients, and the employees to feel as important as each other. Our values at its core are:



We give our all to each customer from the start to the finish of their journey with us.


As a foundation of our services, this is the way of building trust between us and the clients and between each other


We do what is right.


We value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all. Believing in a future where everyone is included, regardless of their background, gender, sexual orientation. At L&S Accounting every employee and client feel valued and accepted while recognising that our differences make our connections stronger.


Passion is what makes the difference in how our work is executed. We all have desire, enjoyment, and eager interest in the services that we provide.


We promote and develop a family culture within the working environment. Teamwork is beneficial and entirely essential for the organisation as well as the employees. Whenever possible, we thrive to boost their job satisfaction, stretch their abilities, and increase their sense of belonging.


At L&S Accounting, all the services that we update, tweak, and develop are focused on success of the clients as well as the businesses. We see success as a very important part of our daily life goals as it provides self-confidence and a long-term way of contributing to a project. The team celebrations for success are also at our core as being rewarded for the work done, is our way of providing enthusiasm and motivation.




We are aiming to become the most recognisable firm nationally alongside big brands like PWC and KPMG. We continuously improve and innovate our products and services to compare to and extend the client’s expectations.

At L&S, we value the sustainability the most upon which our vision for the future consists of us being the most sustainable practice in the local or even national area. Already contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals for 2050, we believe that by then – we would have contributed to each one of the 17 targets.

We have already started working together on expanding the L&S Group. A group in which small accounting firms like us combine their expertise to become something large, extendable, and spectacular. We believe that the more of us working towards the same or similar goal – the greater will be the outcome. We take the Deloitte Group as our inspiration when helping each other to meet targets, seek opportunities and explore new challenges.



  • On the list of the most sustainable small businesses in the UK
  • In a partnership with at least 10 partners
  • L&S Group to contribute to local community projects
  • A clientele of 10k employees