New Business Formation

Here at L&S Accounting Firm, we love to take care of fresh starters. We will provide you with guidance and advice on how to register your business or do it for you when necessary. 

Starting up a business involves making key decisions when it comes to complying with the legal regulations. We often help clients choose their first steps towards a start up whether they are starting from scratch, taking on a franchise or buying an existing domain.

But not all individuals come to us without a business. We can also help you register your existing business.

Keep on reading to have an insight on other services included within the business forming sector.

New Business Formation

New Business Formation

A touchscreen laptop with a wireless keyboard and a wireless mouse. The laptop is displaying a Registration Form. A person is typing.
Registration form being filled in by someone on a clipboard.


Most business will register to
the government bodies (such as the HMRC) as a sole trader, limited company or a partnership (2 or more people) so depending on your current occupation, you will know which one applies to your business.

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Licences & Permits

As part of registration of your
business we will check and ensure you know how to obtain any licenses, permits or insurance. Of course, depending on whether you are running the business online, internationally or just locally these licenses, permits and insurance certificates will differ.

A green and a blue folder marked as policies and procedure.
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You will also have your own policies ready such as Accessibility, Diversity, Terms and Conditions of buying, Cookies Policy (if selling online) etc.

Or we can help you obtain these.

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