If you have no idea where to start your sustainability journey, L&S Accounting Firm is the solution for you.

We can support you with designing, planning, and managing your own eco targets ensuring that your business’s future is green and greener each year in your partnership with us.



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To assure...

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As part of our Audit and Assurance Services, we provide businesses with Independent Sustainability Report Assurance which proves that the company’s report follows sustainability standards, and we can assure about its credibility.

This builds more confidence between you and your stakeholders or any new partners.

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Eco plans

We will design sustainable eco-plans for your company to ensure your sustainable consumption is managed effectively in addition to promoting operational integration, reporting, assurance and branding.

Make a start!

L&S Accounting is a firm which believes that small things matter.

So if you are not a confident starter, we will support you with making your office space ‘greener’. Just give us chance to show you and provide you with ideas on how to make your business environment eco friendly.

There’s many small (and big) changes you can make to reduce that overall carbon footprint and you will be surprised that a small change goes a long way!

You can keep up to date with our company’s sustainability journey by checking the Blog Page

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